Five days a week, a preference for most of the employees. So many organizations still have not adapted to this idea of the work environment. The Union Ministry of Labour and Employment is currently working on a new labor code, which will allow a three day weekend. This long weekend will also make your working shifts long. No Pain, No Gain.

Apurva Chandra, Labour and Employment Ministry Secretary, said, “Companies will have to give three days’ of paid leaves and 12 hours of work per day to their employees with the consent of the workers. We are not forcing employees…

As soon as the budget is announced by respected Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman the sensex went up. This budget has a lot in it’s pockets for startups, MSMEs as being speculated by experts earlier.

Budget 2021 is the most expected of any of the previous budgets due to the context behind it — Covid-19, GDP contraction, dislocation of supply chains, a bouncy stock market and other such factors. The respected Finance Minister also said that the budget will be a memorable one — “Budget as before”. A few days before the market budget, there was a wave of changes in capital…

2020, a year that brought so many things in our life, COVID-19, and WFH (Work From Home). At that time, nothing was in our control, people were getting infected, and businesses got forced to work remotely. This made WFH a new normal for so many businesses that could run remotely. At that time, companies were afraid if WFH was going to affect their business or not. Gladly, it didn’t much.

But as time passed by, the blessings turned into a curse. People who were working from home started feeling depressed or burned out. It was really hard for people to…

Preeti Kaushik

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