India with 4 Day Weeks But With Longer Shifts

Five days a week, a preference for most of the employees. So many organizations still have not adapted to this idea of the work environment. The Union Ministry of Labour and Employment is currently working on a new labor code, which will allow a three day weekend. This long weekend will also make your working shifts long. No Pain, No Gain.

Apurva Chandra, Labour and Employment Ministry Secretary, said, “Companies will have to give three days’ of paid leaves and 12 hours of work per day to their employees with the consent of the workers. We are not forcing employees or employers. It gives flexibility. It’s an enabling provision in sync with the changing work culture. We have tried to make some changes. We have tried to give flexibility in working days,”

If we talk about the facts, 6 out of 10 office workers make calls, texts, emails outside the working hours. 34% of those respondents reported that they get paid for this. Where other 34% are doing this to increase their chances of getting good promotions and bonuses. As for me, overtime does not always show your dedication towards the task. It also shows that you were not able to complete the tasks in the given time period. We are living in a work environment where things like this are normalized.

Another survey, conducted in 2020, showed that four-day weeks are five years away for now. Why? Because so many people are already working beyond five days in a week and it is in the culture.

The website of the International Labour Organization states that “the general standard is 48 regular hours of work per week, with a maximum of eight hours per day.” But in India, so many people are working beyond that.

According to a report, this new labor code will also provide free medical check-ups to workers through the Employees State Insurance Corporation. Rules of this code are currently being drafted by the government.

If we talk about Germany, they have the lowest working hours in a week at 34.2 hours. Even with this, the concept of a four-day week was introduced by the largest trade union IG Metall in 2020. This sure turned into a big debate.

Microsoft also introduced this concept in its Japan office in 2019. The experiment showed some great results by increasing productivity by 40%. It was said that four-day weeks are great for work-life balance.

It is not only beneficial for employees but also for the organization. A survey was conducted by the World Economic Forum on businesses that implemented this policy. According to that, it can make a business save around 2% of total turnover each year.

But it might cause some problems to service sectors as it will be hard to meet customer demand in that short time period.

Well, let’s wait and see how this new labor code affects the world we are working in.

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