IT Sector Calling It’s Employees Back To Offices In 2021

Preeti Kaushik
3 min readJan 17, 2021


2020, a year that brought so many things in our life, COVID-19, and WFH (Work From Home). At that time, nothing was in our control, people were getting infected, and businesses got forced to work remotely. This made WFH a new normal for so many businesses that could run remotely. At that time, companies were afraid if WFH was going to affect their business or not. Gladly, it didn’t much.

But as time passed by, the blessings turned into a curse. People who were working from home started feeling depressed or burned out. It was really hard for people to adapt to this new work style. Some are enjoying WFH, while some are craving to go back to the office in a controlled situation.

The Return of WFO:

As 2021 has arrived, and we all have heard that vaccination will start real soon, people are feeling relaxed. Apart from it, many IT companies are now planning to bring their forces back into offices. This return will gradually start with no perceptible changes and will surely increase by the end of 2021, but this will never reach 100%.

As per the survey, 60% of the companies are planning to move less than 20% of employees back to the office. This number will be achieved by the end of March 2021 and by June 2021, WFO will get an increase of 40%.

If we talk about the big names, 75% of them are planning to bring their 0-9 percent of employees back by the end of March. And by the end of June 2021, this will be increased by 20 percent.

Even after all that, not a single company claimed to get this number to 100%, and no one was sure about it.

The Millennials & WFH:

The Mint and YouGov conducted a survey back in Oct and Nov of 2020. If we look at the survey stats, millennials are almost split on what they think of WFH. Looking at the stats, 55% of almost 6000 participants said that they are unsatisfied with the WFH. Not just that, 81% of these participants feel increased workload during WFH. 60 percent are struggling to make a balance between work and life.

While they were conducting the survey, 55 percent of participants were working from home entirely, 20 percent of participants were working from offices and 25% were in a rotatory shift between WFH and WFO.

The Reason for Increment:

One reason why WFO will be rising is the vaccine. After hearing that India will soon get the vaccine is encouraging companies to call their employees back. Another reason is the control in the cases. Client imperatives are also going to affect this increase in the WFO environment.

29 percent of Large and Very Large companies will strictly implement the WFO. Where some global policies have said it will be voluntary.

Is WFO Necessary?

Well, to be honest, we can not clearly answer that right now. We all just entered 2021 with so many positive hopes. With the good news of the vaccine, the bad news of the new strain also came. We can not predict 2021 but yes one thing is sure, people are trying to make this lifestyle normal while opening bit by bit with every precaution. WFO will come to its existence but a lot of changes and modifications. What we all need to do is stay safe and stay healthy during that time.